Energy Boosters for Tired Moms

You’re running out the door shouting “Mason, have you packed your lunch?”. And, “Susie, do you have your sports clothes?”, while carrying your laptop in one hand and your third child in the other. You drop your car keys, re-adjust the child on your hip, pick up your car keys again, pull up Mason’s left sock… and…. you’re on your way!

After dropping the kids at school, and arriving late for work, you collapse into your desk chair. And then you realise: after thinking for four people, and organising the lives of each of your other family members, you actually don’t have the energy to type a single email. You forgot about, well, YOU!

But don’t freak out just yet, because we’ve got a few little tricks to help get you through the day, not only like a superhero, but like a MOM.

Stay Hydrated

So, we know this might sound silly. After all, you’ve managed to raise three kids who’ve survived this far. The thing is, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves.

An ice cold glass of water once an hour can refocus your brain and bring your body back to the land of the living. Plus, those constant headaches you’ve been feeling? GONE! You’re welcome.

Get Moving

Okay, so at this stage you’re probably thinking : “What the hell are you talking about?! I’m a mom, I don’t stop moving.” Touché. But, going for a walk around the block with baby in the stroller can get the blood flowing. And trust me, when you get moving it gives your body a magical boost of energy. Who doesn’t need a breath of fresh air these days?

If walking isn’t for you, try some yoga or an indoor cardio workout. There are plenty of light exercise options to cater for everyone.

Play That Funky Music

Put on some tunes that make you feel like shakin’ your booty! Or music that reminds you of the good ol’ days. Music never fails to lift my mood and make me forget about my worries and my strife… I mean, the ‘bear’ necessities.. Oops! I’ve been watching too many kids movies (haven’t we all?)

Get Some Air

Air. It’s free and it’s delivered straight to your door. Something a busy mom can appreciate. We take it for granted everyday, but fresh air is just outside and always seems to lift my mood.

Try taking a stroll in the garden, or even just a few deep breaths, and enjoy nature’s goodness while you do. If you’re not in the mood for going outside, the least you can do is open a window.. Your lungs will thank you!

Herbal Teas

I swear by them!

Oolong tea – no, it’s not just a pretty smell. Oolong tea contains Caffeine and L-Theanine, which send wonderful energising signals to the brain.

Green tea – Green tea contains antioxidants that prevent chronic diseases like Cancer. But it also helps to boost your energy, which is the kind of natural pick-me-up a mom needs.

Peppermint tea – Helps to relieve the stress and anxiety that goes along with being a mom. The Moroccans know what they’re doing.

Restart your day (On the right side of the bed)

We’ve all had those days when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, grumpy with the kids, snappy with our dear husband, and generally at the end of our tether.

But, don’t be disappointed with yourself. Sometimes you just need to hit ‘restart’ on your day, and the best way to do that is to take a midday shower and change your clothes.

This simple trick can make you feel like a whole new person. And maybe correct a wardrobe malfunction that was driving you crazy? Those jeans that just don’t hold themselves up anymore, that shoe that’s slowly starting to smile at people, can all be corrected with a midday ‘restart’.

Take a Break

At the end of it all, using all the little mom tricks of the trade, if your body needs sleep, it’s a good idea to listen to it. If you have to take a nap before picking the kids up from school, or set yourself a strict bedtime, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Being a mom means focusing 95% of your energy on the little monsters you love, but make sure that at least 5% is well spent on YOU. After all, your kids will be the ones suffering when you’re five weeks deep in a mental-health recovery program!.

At Sophie & Jane Lingerie, we know that a mom’s work is never done. And that’s why it’s the hardest job in the world. So you deserve some good ol’ R&R every once in a while. If you’ve tried and tried again, and still can’t find the time: Drop the kids off at grandma and go to the day spa.

Share your thoughts and experiences below. What tricks do you use to balance the chaos that comes with being a mom?

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