The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Maternity Wear

Aaaaah! My belly’s popping out from under my shirt and there’s a rip in my pants.

It’s not a moment you want to experience (especially not in public). Pregnancy is something you want to be prepared for every step of the way. But if you’re a first-timer at the whole pregnancy thing, it can be hard to make purchasing decisions. Everyone’s body changes in its own way.

So,here are a few things to keep in mind when making maternity wear choices. Sophie & Jane Lingerie is here to keep you in the loop:

The Weather

You may be three months’ pregnant in Summer, but that doesn’t mean you’re still going to want to be wearing maxi dresses in five to six months time. Sure, they’re great for covering up that baby bump, but in mid-winter, you’ll be freezing your tootsies off.

So, try not to do all your pregnancy shopping at once, and if you do… remember that the size of your bump is changing with the seasons.

Your Style

When shopping for maternity wear, keep in mind that if you hated wearing dresses all your life, they’re probably not going to be the way to go now. And the same goes for leggings, spandex, and all the others…

Your friends might swear by leggings because they lived in them their entire pregnancy, but everybody’s different. Don’t go for things that you wouldn’t usually be caught dead in, because let’s face it, you’re not going to feel your best. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, so you should feel beautiful too.

The Purpose

If you’re working in an office right up until D-day, unfortunately your regular work clothes just aren’t going to cut it. If this is the case, it’s time to invest in some maternity office wear. This won’t only come in handy while you’re pregnant. After your cuter than cute baby arrives, you’ll still have some baby weight. This means that you’ll get a decent amount of use out of these clothes.

This goes for any functional wear. So, if you’re living in mom-jeans during your pregnancy, you’ll most likely still get a few months use out of them after your family gets that special new member.

Your Underwear

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts”, they say… and they’re right! Your underwear might not be visible to everyone (we hope), but it’s what makes you feel comfortable, sexy, and feminine.

Your underwear is going to change a lot during these nine months. During your first 0-3 months, buy bras that are stretchy, supportive and have no underwire. In your first trimester your breasts will grow up to three cup sizes (yip!), so make sure you have bras to accommodate this.

Between 3 and 8 months your breasts won’t be growing much anymore, but your rib cage will be expanding to accommodate your baby. For this period, you’ll need a well-designed nursing bra. Make sure to buy a bra that has six hooks and eyes, as these are a lot more supportive during pregnancy.

Then, during the 8-9 months period your ribs are going to be at their widest, but we’d recommend buying one band size smaller and a cup size bigger, so that you can keep wearing these bras while you’re breastfeeding.

Overall Weight

Although, miraculously, there are women whose bellies grow while the rest of their bodies stay the same, most of us gain a few kilos along the way. Buy maternity wear that not only accommodates your breasts and belly, but the rest of your body too.

This could include pants and skirts that are elasticated, rather than zipped or buttoned. Or, looser fitting tops that will look good after you slim down to your normal weight again.


Of course shoes are probably the last thing you think about when you think of maternity wear. But because of your extra body weight, your feet will likely swell. To be the most comfortable, buy shoes that are made from natural fibre, so they can stretch.

And make sure to buy shoes with thick soles, to ensure maximum comfort for your poor swollen feet.

While maternity wear isn’t going to be useful forever, it’s important to be comfortable during this very exciting stage of your life. Supporting another life is the most important thing you’ll ever do, so be sure to do it right. In COMFORT and in STYLE.

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